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Events in the academic year 2007-2008

Datesort icon Type Event speaker Title
2008-Jun-12 Senior Thesis Presentation Seniors This program is updated when titles are submitted.
2008-Jun-11 MS Defense Jeff Hazboun The Effect of Negative-Energy Shells on Schwarzschild Geometry
2008-Jun-07 Picnic Department Picnic
2008-Jun-05 PhD Thesis Defense Robyn Wangberg Sub-diffraction Light Propagation and Imaging in Planar Negative Refraction Waveguides
2008-Jun-04 SSO Seminar Prof. Brian Paul, Mechanical, Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering, OSU Nanomanufacturing at the ONAMI Microproducts Breakthrough Institute
2008-May-28 Special Lecture Dr. Paulo Freitas, Director of INESC Microsystems and Nanotechnologies at Lisbon in Portugal Spintronic biochips - IEEE Distinguished Lecture
2008-May-27 Special Lecture Prof. John Lee, Mathematics, OSU Weierstrass Approximation Theorems - Lonseth Lecture
2008-May-19 Colloquium Prof. Ed Prather, Dept. of Astronomy, University of Arizona Insights from nearly a decade of research on the teaching and learning of astronomy.
2008-May-15 PhD Thesis Defense Zach Wiren Exchange Interaction Studies in Magnetic Semiconductors by Neutron Scattering
2008-May-14 SSO Seminar Hai Yue and the OSU Solar Vehicle Team OSU Solar Vehicle Team
2008-May-12 Colloquium Prof. Ted K. A. Brekken, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, OSU The Promise of Wave Power
2008-May-07 SSO Seminar Prof. Jamie Kruzic, Mechanical Engineering, OSU Effect of free volume changes and residual stresses on the fatigue and fracture behavior of a Zr-Ti-Ni-Cu-Be bulk metallic glass
2008-May-05 Colloquium Prof. Cynthia Twohy, Atmospheric Sciences, OSU Properties and Effects of Particles that Form Clouds
2008-Apr-29 PhD Thesis Defense Katie Hay Physical Processes that control Droplet Transport in Rock Fracture Systems
2008-Apr-28 Colloquium Prof. Natalie Roe, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory Taking the Measure of Dark Energy
2008-Apr-23 SSO Seminar Prof. Dietrich Belitz, Physics, University of Oregon Quantum Phase Transitions and Exotic Phases in the Metallic Helimagnet MnSi
2008-Apr-21 Colloquium Prof. Guenter Schneider, Physics, OSU Material Design Challenges for Photovoltaics
2008-Apr-16 SSO Seminar Prof. Janet Tate, Physics, OSU A report on the conference Graduate Education in Physics: Which Way Forward?
2008-Apr-14 Colloquium Prof. Jun Zhu, Penn State University Probing Local Properties of Nanostructures with Non-contact Atomic Force Microscopy
2008-Apr-09 SSO Seminar Various people Reports from the APS March meeting in New Orleans
2008-Apr-07 Colloquium Prof. Deborah Pence, Mechanical Engineering, OSU Two-Phase Void Fraction in a Microscale Fractal-Like Branching Flow Network
2008-Mar-31 Colloquium Prof. Rubin Landau, Department of Physics, OSU Computational Physics, An Improved Path for Physics Education?
2008-Mar-17 Research Seminar Prof. Rubin Landau Computational Physics
2008-Mar-07 Research Seminar Prof. Tom Giebultowicz Experimental Solid State
2008-Mar-06 Yunker Lecture Edward W. Kolb, Arthur Holly Compton Distinguished Service Professor, University of Chicago Mysteries of the Dark Universe
2008-Mar-05 SSO Seminar Students Practice Talks, APS meeting
2008-Mar-01 Open House Faculty/Staff Open House for Prospective Graduate Students
2008-Feb-29 Research Seminar Profs. David McIntyre and Bill Hetherington Experimental Optical
2008-Feb-29 Open House Faculty/Staff Open House for Prospective Graduate Students
2008-Feb-27 SSO Seminar Zach Wiren Determination of Distance Effects on Manganese Spin-Spin Interactions in Magnetic Semiconductors by Neutron Scattering
2008-Feb-27 PhD Thesis Defense Skye Dorsett Breaking of spherical symmetry in electronic structure; Free and immersed atoms in an electron gas
2008-Feb-25 Colloquium Prof. Robert Beichner, North Carolina State University The Student-Centered Activities for Large Enrollment Undergraduate Programs (SCALE-UP) Project
2008-Feb-22 Research Seminar Prof. Viktor Podolskiy Computational Optical
2008-Feb-20 SSO Seminar Prof. Jens Noeckel, University of Oregon Going beyond Gaussian beams in optical resonators with mixed boundary conditions
2008-Feb-18 Colloquium Prof. Diego Krapf, Colorado State University Solid-state nanopores for single molecule biophysics
2008-Feb-18 PhD Thesis Defense Jeremy Danielson N/A
2008-Feb-15 Research Seminar Prof. Yun-Shik Lee Experimental Optical & Solid State
2008-Feb-14 Special Lecture Dr. Bruce D. Terris, Hitachi Global Storage Technologies PATTERNED NANOMAGNETIC BITS AND DEVICES - IEEE Magnetics Society Distinguished Lecture
2008-Feb-13 SSO Seminar Justin Elser, Physics, OSU Scattering free Plasmonic Optics
2008-Feb-11 Colloquium Prof. Henri Jansen, Department of Physics, OSU Nobel prize in Physics 2007: ALBERT FERT and PETER GRUNBERG
2008-Feb-08 Research Seminar Profs. Corinne Manogue and Dedra Demaree Physics Education Research
2008-Feb-06 SSO Seminar Dr. Sergei Rouvimov High Resolution Electron Microscopy in Nano-Technology
2008-Feb-01 Research Seminar Prof. Ethan Minot Experimental Solid State
2008-Jan-30 SSO Seminar Prof. Jan Gaj, Dept. of Physics, Warsaw University Optical experiments on individual semiconductor quantum dots
2008-Jan-28 Colloquium Prof. David Cobden, University of Washington Phase transitions in correlated-electron nanostructures
2008-Jan-25 Research Seminar Profs. Henri Jansen and Guenter Schneider Computational Solid State
2008-Jan-23 SSO Seminar Prof. Tom Giebultowicz Interlayer magnetic coupling in all-semiconductor magnetic/nonmagnetic superlattice structures
2008-Jan-18 Research Seminar Prof. Oksana Ostroverkhova Experimental Optical & Solid State
2008-Jan-16 SSO Seminar Part I: Clayton Jeffryes, BioEngineering / Part II: Debbie Gale, BioEngineering See Abstract
2008-Jan-14 Colloquium Prof. Stephen Kevan, University of Oregon Correlations, Coherence, and Complexity
2008-Jan-11 Research Seminar Prof. Janet Tate How to get started & what is expected Experimental Solid State
2007-Nov-28 SSO Seminar Prof. John Simonsen, Department of Wood Science & Engineering, OSU Nanoparticles from trees -- are they good for anything?
2007-Nov-26 Colloquium Dr. Tom McMail Microsoft Research External Research Group Next Generation Research and Breakthrough Innovation Indicators from U.S. Academic Research 2007
2007-Nov-14 SSO Seminar Prof. David McIntyre, Department of Physics, OSU Lasers and Quantum Optics
2007-Nov-12 Colloquium Harry Yeh, Edwards Professor of Coastal and Ocean Engineering, OSU Torque, Rotation, and Turbulence in Tsunami Bores
2007-Nov-05 Colloquium Prof. Fred Goldberg, San Diego State University Students Coming to Understand Why Objects Fall Together
2007-Oct-31 SSO Seminar Prof. Sundar Atre, Dept. of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering, OSU Designing Nanoparticulate Systems
2007-Oct-30 Colloquium See program http://osulibrary.oregonstate.edu/specialcollections/events/2007paulingconference/index.html The Scientist as Educator and Public Citizen: Linus Pauling and His Era
2007-Oct-29 PhD Thesis Defense Robert Kykyneshi Pulsed laser deposition and thin film properties of p-type BaCuSF, BaCuSeF, BaCuTeF and n-type Zn2In2O5 wide band-gap semicond.
2007-Oct-24 SSO Seminar John Conley, EECS Department, OSU Field Emission Induced UV Electroluminescence of Carbon Nanotubes Coated with Atomic Layer Deposited ZnO...
2007-Oct-22 Colloquium Prof. John Gardner, ViewPlus Technologies How a blind person can read physics?
2007-Oct-17 SSO Seminar Skye Dorsett, Department of Physics, OSU Breaking of spherical symmetry in electronic structure: free and immersed atoms in an electron gas
2007-Oct-15 Colloquium Prof. David McIntyre, Department of Physics, OSU Computation in the Paradigms Curriculum at Oregon State University
2007-Oct-10 SSO Seminar Katrina Hay, Department of Physics, OSU A Theoretical Model for Wetting of a Rough Surface
2007-Oct-08 Colloquium Prof. Ivan Avrutsky, Wayne State University Nanostructuring silicon-on-insulator thin films with an excimer laser
2007-Oct-03 SSO Seminar Pete Wall, CBL Technology Introduction to DMM (Direct Molecular Manufacturing) utilizing CBL's (Coincident Beams Licensing) microscopy patented technology
2007-Oct-01 Colloquium Prof. Markus Raschke, University of Washington Dynamics on the nanoscale: towards imaging with nanometer spatial and femtosecond temporal resolution
2007-Sep-21 General Event Several Presenters Graduate Student Orientation 2007, see http://physics.oregonstate.edu/gradorientation for more info.
2007-Sep-20 Picnic Picnic
2007-Sep-20 General Event Several Presenters Graduate Student Orientation 2007, see http://physics.oregonstate.edu/gradorientation for more info.
2007-Sep-19 General Event Several Presenters Graduate Student Orientation 2007, see http://physics.oregonstate.edu/gradorientation for more info.
2007-Sep-18 General Event Several Presenters Graduate Student Orientation 2007, see http://physics.oregonstate.edu/gradorientation for more info.
2007-Sep-17 MS Defense Josh Mellon Creating Efficiencies in the Financial Operations of an Innovative Technology Business
2007-Aug-30 PhD Thesis Defense Alexander A. Govyadinov Subwavelength Light Confinement and Quantum Chaos in Micro- and Nano-Structured Metamaterials
2007-Aug-07 ONAMI Seminar Dr. Kenji Kitamura, Optronic Materials Center, National Institute for Materials Science, Tsukuba, Japan Micro- to nano-domain engineering of ferroelectric single crystals aiming novel applications ---- From Frozen to Mobile Ferroele